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I had a great time in Glastonbury and met some fabulous people. I consider myself initiated into the backpacker club because 2 of my bunk mates, one who has hitched her way through Europe and the other currently working/camping her way  around Europe were both impressed with how little I was traveling with. I got a knack for this traveling thing!

The first thing I like to do in a city is just walk around, get lost and then try to find my way back. This gets me oriented quickly so the rest of the time I can just zip around to where I want to go. Plus it’s fun! And I don’t even look lost because other tourists ask me for directions. I was getting hungry so the first thing I did was look for food. I found a good fish and chips place but they weren’t open yet, so I got a cappuccino down the street and caught up on my journal. When they were open I went in and placed my order. We were having a good conversation so I asked if I could eat there (it was a takeaway place). We were talking about my trip and where I had been and where I was going . They pointed out there was a club right next door known for ‘hen’ parties (aka bachelorette parties) so we watched the party girls for a while. A couple came in to get some chips and started telling about last year when they won Disney’s first family competition and got to spend the night in Cinderella’s castle. After that I continued to walk and found the Royal Cresent and the Circus. These are iconic housing structures from The Georgian period. Apparently Nicholas Cage owned one but had to sell it due to some tax trouble.

Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent

I went back to the hostel to rest up and got acquainted with 2 of my roommates. They are from Holland and are renting a car and traveling around the UK for a week. We talked about traveling as a European vs. an Anerican. They travel to countries like we travel to states. They didn’t care how many countries I visited, but how many states I had been to. They told me a few places to check out when I get back to London.

This morning I got up and went to the Roman Baths. This is the best preserved site in the world of its kind. Hot springs feed up and the Romans turned them into public baths. The one here in Bath had some special features that other ones don’t. It was also used as a religious center. Roman Baths were like a Spa and Country Club in one. Later the English used them in healing.

Roman Bath

Roman Bath

After the baths I saw another roommate and we went on a walking tour of the city. Great tour and 100% free. They even tell you up front they won’t take any tips at the end.

After lunch I visited the Fashion Museum and now I’m relaxing in the common room with a cup of coffee. Tomorrow I take on Stonehenge!

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