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The travelers in Bath were mostly vacationers. They had time off from work and wanted to see Bath. I met 2 girls from Leeds. Apparently if you are a teacher there is a lot of work in Leeds. One girl was American and one was Australian. They were in Bath because they had a week off from teaching, a school break.

I took a tour to Stonehenge because it also hit some Cotswold Villages and the Avebury stone circle. Luckily we got to Stonehenge early because the crowds really come in. It felt good on the site, and it commands reverence for sure. But you can’t get near the stones and there are a lot of tourists.

After Stonehenge we went to Avebury where the whole town is inside a stone circle. The stones were knocked over and harvested for building material until someone noticed what they were and put them back. It was way bigger than the remaining Stonehenge circle and you could walk around the stones. It’s fascinating how these structures line up with solstice sunrises and sunsets and what that could have meant for their purpose. I found the perfect stone to lean up against and chill.

My fellow tour mates were American and Canadian. At lunch in Lacock I sat with Hillary and her mom. They are from Philadelphia and she is going back to school for her teaching degree. Lacock is a gorgeous medieval village. The youngest pub in town is from the 1600’s.

We finished up at the village of Castle Comb. It had beautiful medieval houses and thatched roofs. I could chill there all day. And that would be about all you can do there. There is a pub, a small shop and some accommodations. That’s it!

My last day in Bath I toured a townhouse on the Royal Crescent,  took a boat ride up the River Avon (one of 9 in the UK), and climbed 212 steps to the top of Bath Abbey. This was a nice tour because they took you into the clock room and the bell chamber. Their liability insurance must be expensive because those stairs are no joke and those little rooms had low ceilings.

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