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I took 10 days in Paris so I could really get to know the city. However, unless you speak really, really good French, that is not going to happen. You can visit the tourist sites and get the layout of the city. But to truly experience French culture you need to speak the language. It seems obvious, and it’s not like I expected to learn French culture and language in 10 days. But I thought I could learn by observation. Not so much.

The French aren’t rude, in fact they are very friendly. But when you can’t speak their language they seem disappointed they can’t really interact with you. It’s like as an American if you tried to talk to someone who only spoke Spanish. If you spoke a little you would try to help them order their food or figure out where to go. But you wouldn’t necessarily strike up a conversation. Since I took Spanish in high school and college, maybe I should make my next trip to Spain and see if I fare better 🙂

I still love it here. It’s like no where I have ever been. Of course everywhere I have been is unique in its own way. Every city/town has a pulse and therefore specific rhythm. I find myself wanting to spend time learning French and coming back.

My pace has slowed in Paris. I’m sleeping in and lingering over coffee and breakfast. If I’m lucky I get out of the house around noon and see some sight, visit a museum or go shopping. Sunday I didn’t leave at all and read Forrest Gump! Today my plans got foiled by weather. It’s been raining in Paris and I wanted to cruise the St. Martin Canal. With the weather I decided to visit the Catacombes instead. When I got there it was pouring down rain. The line was  outside so I ducked into a cafe to wait it out. About 3 pm it seemed to let up so I got in line. A nice man working for the Catacombes let me know I was welcome to wait but I probably wouldn’t get in as they take the last tour at 4 pm and the wait was longer than an hour. Then the rain started to pick up. C’est la vie. I’ll try again tomorrow, earlier this time!

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