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I’ve been staying in Glastonbury for the past three days. Thursday I climbed the Tor which is  a big hill with a church ruin on it. Glastonbury has lots of myths and legends. It was thought to be the Isle of Avalon, a mystical power center at the time of King Arthur (if he actually existed). The Abbey here was the richest in all of England before The Reformation. Joseph of Arimathea was here, some say he brought a young Jesus. Some say he buried the Holy Grail in the Abbey. The Abbey also had the remains thought to be King Arthur and Lady Guinevere.

I took a ton of pictures from atop the Tor, but none of them do the views any justice. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Because the land is so flat around the Tor you can see most of the county of Somerset.


Tor View

A View from the top of Glastonbury Tor

After the Tor, I hung out in town checking the shops. Then I met Kimberly at Chalice Well. She gave me an awesome insider’s tour. Then I got the idea to find the two oldest trees in the UK named Cog and Macog. I walked about a mile and a half and I’m still not sure I found them. I took pictures, but the locals said they thought the trees were gone. When I showed them what I found they assured me that was them, but I think they were just trying to make me feel better.


Druid Trees

Cog and Macog, is that you?

On their suggestion, I took a trip to Wells on Friday to visit the stunning Cathedral. Again, pictures don’t do it justice. Also there is a beautiful feeling to the place. Particularly in the Lady Chapel. I’m not the only one who felt it either, others remarked on it as well.

Lady Chapel

The Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral.

Upon returning to Glastonbury I cleaned up and headed to The Market House for another round of fish and chips as well as to say goodbye to my friend Chloe who works there. I hope to see her again someday! After dinner my friend Lena and I went for a nice walk and then back up to our room for a good discussion about working on the road, places we’ve been, national healthcare and life in general with our other roommates. It was a splendid day!

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