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Yesterday I spent the whole day running like crazy to get as many tourist spots checked off my list in London. Fun, but exhausting. And disappointing because I missed something on my itinerary. As I left Kensington Palace, disappointed that I didn’t get to see Westminster Abbey, I reflected on how truly awesome my day had been. I’m in freaking London!

Today I took my good ole time getting up and getting breakfast. Then made my way to the train station a good hour ahead of time. I spent my hour people watching and just being. I had the best time! I remembered that life is about people,not things.

I boarded the train to Bristol where I caught a bus to Glastonbury. During this trip I realized I could have the best time simply riding a bus through the UK. I saw and felt so much beauty!

I got to Glastonbury, checked in and went to the first place that had free wifi so I could check in with worried parents at home. I met two of the fiercest women Magda and Chloe who work here at Market House (free wifi!). We chatted for about an hour until they got busy and I have my summer vacation planned for next year! Anyone care to hit UK Summer Festival season???

I also ran into Kimberly and her husband Bob. Kimberly who is a former advertising exec turned Reiki Practitioner. She’s offered me ┬átour of Chalice Well tomorrow and valuable advice on the rest of my trip. I feel so blessed to be able to do this and meet these beautiful women!

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